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Gano Auto Coolant Filter, Auto Filter, Auto coolant filter, Gano Filter, Radiator Filter, coolant filter
 The Gano Auto Coolant Filter

The Gano Auto Coolant Filter is a patented device that prevents radiator and coolant system damage. It removes rust scale, gasket material and other foreign particles from the cooling system before they can build-up and clog or block radiator cooling tubes.

It is also used as a diagnostic tool for analyzing overall coolant system operation by providing a “window” into the over-all flow of coolant.

The Gano Filter is an accessory to the cooling system, designed to be installed in the upper radiator hose of your automobile.  It is a full flow device, which traps foreign particles thus avoiding radiator repair or replacement due to clogging.

"The best radiator insurance you can buy...                       
and I sell radiators" ...Scott at Mustang Fever, Santa Clara, CA

Discerning radiator shops around the world require the purchase of a Gano Filter to stop the ‘Fix it again free customers’ that have old caste iron blocks that will not stop throwing off scale.

Resto-Mod, Classic, Antique and Vintage Racers…

Use the Gano Filter to protect their investment in hard to find and very expensive radiators.

Custom lengths available!

The inner assembly of the GANO FILTER element is a double screen trap, fabricated in stainless steel for the most popular size medium and copper alloy for the small and large size filters. The screens are easily cleaned by back flushing with water and pressurized air. A small brush can be used to loosen particles trapped in the screen.

Gano Auto Coolant Filter Kit,Gano Auto Coolant Filter, Auto Filter, Auto coolant filter, Gano Filter, Radiator Filter, coolant filter

All filters are sold in Kits. Which includes hoses clamps safety wire and instructions.

Technical Notes

Do not use stop-leak with a filter in the system. It will not hurt the filter, but it will clog the screens and block coolant flow causing the system to over heat.
Do not use caustic radiator cleaner when a clear polymer filter is in the system, it will cause fractures in the polymer and destroy it. Wait two weeks replace coolant and install the filter.
Download the Gano Auto Coolant Filter Spec. Sheet - PDF
Download the Gano Auto Coolant Filter Installation Instructions - PDF
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